Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fashion in Harlem Renaissance!

This picture is a modern version of what clothing looked like during the Harlem Renaissance. The style was simple with colorful patterns with buttons, and stripes.  They would not wear anything that showed too much cleavage or skin. They were very aware of every detail of their outfit. They saw their clothing as an expression of class and stature. The models look very accurate for the time because they have a proud look in their face. Many women liked to mix different patterns with each other for the dramatic effect. They loved to be the center of attention and complimented for their clothing. Many women went out of their way to get the best  clothing so they would stand out from others. They loved to wear minks, scarfs, and gloves much like the people in "white" Hollywood.

There is a lot of pride present in this picture, the way that the women tilt their head as a sign of class. The way they smirk as they model the clothes to illustrate that they think that they are better than everyone else. I think that this goes back to the Harlem Renaissance too, because those people took great pride in the way they dressed. They were careful not to wear something twice or to look too "normal. They wanted to look flashy and different in order to stand out. The clothes are very beautiful and charming, I can see women of the  Harlem renaissance wearing these exact outfits. They would be strutting down the street bringing a flair and uniqueness  to what they wore. 

I chose this picture because I thought it looked different than the other fashion images that I found. In the picture they look less posed and more natural with the light. It caught my eye because of the unusual type of fashion. It was something totally different than what I am used to with fashion. I like the combination of  patterns and how the different textures go together. It is very simple, yet so complex at the same time. It is complex because all the different colors can be hard on the eyes. Yet it's so simple because of the way the main two piece suit all goes together. 

I really like this picture because it gave me insight into the type of clothing that the women in Harlem wore. I always wondered what they were wearing outside of the Savoy or any of the big clubs. Did they wear jeans or capris? I had no idea, but when I saw this picture I finally knew what they wore in everyday life. I realized that women in Harlem always dressed up to go places, whereas in other places women wouldn't dress up as nice as they did in Harlem. The women in Harlem had class and  poise when they went out. I thought that it was so refreshing because goes against the way women in Harlem were constantly oppressed by other in societies.

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